Things to do in Luarca Asturias

Luarca is the white town of the green coast. Like Lastres, the town of Luarca is parcially located on a big hill.

After leaving Avilés, we continued across the coast and we stopped in two beautiful towns on the coast: Luarca and Cudillero. The first stop was Luarca. We had planned to park the car in the town, but it wound up being impossible because there wasn´t even one parking spot. In the end, we parked the car for a few minutes in the port so that we could contemplate the views of the sea and the town. Like Lastres, the town of Luarca is parcially located on a big hill. From the port you can see the sea on one side and a group of houses that were all different colors and sizes sitting on the hill.

On the very top there was a white church and we decided to go up to get a birds eye view. As we started to climb the hill we started to remember our experience from a few days before in Lastres where we almost couldn´t get back down on the narrow cobblestone streets. Luckily it was a lot easier going up and we reached the church without a problem. Actually, even if the path had been as narrow as Lastres, it would have been worth it and more.

From up above we could see the cliffs and the choppy Cantabrian sea. It reminded me a lot of the cliffs on the coast of Ireland, and along with the clouds and rainy weather, it seemed like we were in another country. From the upper part of the hill we could also see a cementary with views of the sea. The contrast between the silence, because of the place, and the crashing waves, made a unique environment. The truth is that it was very picturesque but it was too bad that the town was invaded by tourists, even still it retained its traditional character and for that we ruskomend a visit to Luarca with 5 boquerones.

*** Featured picture by Paturo via Flickr