Things to do in Ribadesella Asturias

Ribadesella is a beautiful town in Asturias where you can enjoy impressive landscapes

We continue our route along the Asturian coast. After having lunch and visiting Llanes, the next stop was Ribadesella. Ribadesella is important for some reasons: the prehistoric remains are very evident and you can visit them, it is the place where the descent of the River Sella ends and the Route of the Dinosaurs is nearby and you can see their remains.

In this village we started to understand the meaning of the word “orbayo” (it is like a slim and unexpected rain that is annoying and is very typical in this area.) For that reason we recommend that you bring an umbrella or a slicker with you, because you never will know how the day can change.

We crossed the bridge and parked the car, close to Santa Marina Beach. In this area you have a beautiful seafront where you can walk next to the sea (you can see surfers too.) Also, there are picturesque houses, either in the seafront or behind it. Some of them are even mansions with luxury details (we saw one of them with a courtyard.)

The River Sella flows into this village making the Ria of Ribadesella. (It is famous for its descent, that starts in Arriondas and finishes in Ribadesella, and you can do the route in canoe year round.) The Cantabrian Sea is a gorgeous picture, with cliffs and the fishing port accompanying it. The bridge separates the village in two parts: the most modern one and the old city.

Before crossing the bridge you can visit the Caves of Tito Bustillo, a center where you can see writings and cave paintings. They were discovered by the spelunker Celestino Bustillo, among other people, but he died just after the discovery. You can see numerous representations of the prehistoric man. Without a doubt, would have been nice to enter there, but it was closed that day.

After crossing the bridge we saw the fishing port of Ribadesella and it is very common to see canoes with people who take advantage of the end of the River Sella. From the old city the most important is the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene. It is a modern church that is important for the fresco paintings and the windows. After that, we climbed to the viewpoint to see what were probably some of the best images of our trip.

This viewpoint is at the top of an avenue which rounds the Ria of Ribadesella. In the as we reached the upper point, we saw small houses with amazing views. After the walk, your mind makes an unforgettable picture. You can see on one side the beach with the seafront, on the other side the fishing port, the village and the River Sella mixes with the Cantabrian Sea, and finally the sea opening and making amazing cliffs and coves with the mountains.

We walked down a natural staircase made in the rocks, which ended in an avenue. In this avenue we found signs with drawings that explained the origins of the village and legends about mythological creatures that might have lived in these regions in the past. Finally, we must say that it is a village that tourists have discovered. Despite the fact that there are a lot of people, we ruskommend the beauty of Ribadesella with 5 boquerones.

**Featured Picture by AdrianaPerezMuñiz via Flickr