Where to eat in Villaviciosa Asturias : Cider-Restaurant La Ballera

A place that we definitely reccommend for home cooked food in Villaviciosa.

When we arrived at the restaurant we knew the place was authentic. Outside several old men sat chatting and generally observing the lazy August afternoon. Inside the two waiters that were working in the dining room could barely keep up with the clientele. At the bar, groups of retirees were drinking hard cider, poured in the traditional style from high in the air into the glass. This process is necessary for the cider to have its authentic flavor and when it is not possible, bars will use little mechanisms that are attached to the bottle in order to serve the cider at its best.

The walls of Sidreria La Ballera were covered in photographs of local events, black and white photographs, scarves from the local football team and a mural of a typical picnic in Asturias. We kept our eyes peeled to see which dishes looked the best, and before we had even been seated we had our eye on the chick peas and paella. We were seated after about ten minutes and after a bit of confusion ordering we chose the chick peas with codfish for the first plate and as our second plate we chose fish and beef stew to share.

The food was served family style and everything was delicious. The only criticism that we had for the restaurant was the fact that we didn´t understand the system for ordering and missed our chance to try the paella. As part of the lunch special we were also offered dessert which was sadly not homemade. The price, however, was very appropriate at only seven euros per person. (This included bread, wine, seltzer water, and still water, as well.) We ruskommend Sidreria La Ballera with 5 boquerones.

**Featured picture by javik7 via Flickr